NSW Police


Seagulls supported two programs provided by Tweed/Byron Police District in 2019; The Commander’s Active Citizen Program 2019 and Intercept Youth Program.

The main purpose of the CACP is to promote and encourage positive interaction between Aboriginal Youth and local Police while also seeking to improve participation in the local Aboriginal Consultative Committee (PACC) meetings, by mentoring and engaging with the group of year 10 Aboriginal students from local high schools within the Tweed Byron Police District.

The program provides mentorship and development opportunities to Aboriginal high school student identified by their schools as leaders within their peer groups and exposes the student to their Aboriginal culture by fostering good connections with local Aboriginal elders and respected people in the community. ClubGrants support covers:

Cost of accommodation, food and transportation for the cultural camp to South Stradbroke Island, with the assistance of QLD Water Police and local elders.

Cost of flights, accommodation, meals and bus transportation to the final leadership challenge /camp to Canberra and Jindabyne, during which three Active Citizen Programs from three different areas of NSW, being (Lake Illawarra Police District (PD), Central West PD – (Near Parks), and Tweed Byron PD), bring three groups of Aboriginal youth together for fellowship, mentorship and the challenge of hiking to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko. This provides an insight to Aboriginal youth from other parts of the state, also provide the opportunity for the individuals to support each other to achieve summiting Mt Kosciuszko together as a group.

The Intercept Youth program features cross sector services working together collaboratively to implement a range of inventions to address the risk factors identified in the community are minimised and that young people 15 – 18 years are given the opportunity to develop a positive approach to life and their future. Through the coordinated agency approach, identified “at risk” year 9-12 students from the following High schools, Murwillumbah, Wollumbin, Mt St Patricks, Tweed River, Banora and Kingscliff High schools will attend a weekly social change activity that aims to strengthen protective factors by educating young people about AOD related harms, Health Relationships, options for study and/or employment pathways, how to be a safe driver and passenger, connecting with their community, self-care, enhancing their skill base and choosing healthy life styles.

The program introduces young people to positive role models, knowing that quality relationships strengthen young people’s resilience. The structured program creates an environment where adults can provide guidance, while also gaining insight into the personal and social experiences specific to the young people within their communities. Engaging with young people in a meaningful way creates the opportunity to enhance their decision-making skills to help them make more appropriate and informed choices. This process helps build young people’s confidence and self-worth, motivation to pursue goals, ability to socialise better with others at school and in the community, and skill to navigate challenging transitions in life. It is envisaged young people with be better equipped to make positive changes to their lives, including managing difficult situations such as family breakdown, mental health, and learning how to enjoy life without AOD use.


Norths Collective acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.